Basic Strategies to Improve Your eCommerce Business

For any e-commerce store to grow and succeed there are some strategies that can be employed. Let’s take a look at a few and see how they affect the eCommerce business performance and help it grow.

1) Improve Brand Awareness eCommerce Business

The more people trust your brand the greater your conversion rate and eventually sales. Build brand awareness by focusing on quality. Both in terms of your product and the content on your store.

High-quality SEO’d content, relevant pictures, and product descriptions will rank your website higher on search engines and will reach as many people as possible. Using social media to your advantage is also an important step in this process.

2) Use email marketing to stay engaged

Make an email list. You are missing out on a huge audience if your brand does not employ email marketing. Give your customers an incentive to provide their email such as a discount. Once customers start joining your email list you can use it to your advantage.

You can also add it as an option on Checkout to remind users to sign up. But, remember. Do not send out unnecessary emails that will end up in the spam folder. It is important to keep the receiver interested in your emails. You can then use this email list to inform users about new products, deals, and much more.

3) Engage with your customers on social media

Social Media Marketing plan is a crucial part of any brand’s marketing strategy nowadays. Facebook is a powerful platform that can help you create leads and convert visitors to paying customers.

Facebook ads play an important role in your social media marketing strategy. A well-formulated advertisement, if aimed at the right people can do wonders. Don’t underestimate the power of social media.

4) Improve search usability

The search feature may seem like a very small part of the website but it can play an important part in converting visitors. An optimized search option will help the customer find exactly what they are looking to buy or even if they are browsing.

An e-commerce store with a working search bar and easy navigation will always fare better in terms of conversion rates and overall has a better UX. An easy-to-use and user-oriented website is what appeals to your customers.

5) Use data analysis to improve your approach

Use statistical data to your advantage. The stats for your eCommerce business can speak volumes about how your business is doing. Use the data to find patterns and even to find flaws in your current marketing strategy and patching it up to perform better. Eventually leading to more profits.

6) Know your customers, make it personal

A computer-generated generic email can be really off-putting for customers. It shows that they don’t matter to you. Treat your customers as if you are talking to them. Engage by addressing them by their name and use other creative methods to give your engagements with them as personal as possible.

An email that starts with the customer’s name grabs more attention. Keep the mode of communication semi-formal to give it a personal touch, but at the same time keeping it professional?

7) Premium customer service makes loyal customers

Don’t compromise on customer service! When you have a product-based eCommerce business, there will numerous situations where the customer might not be happy with what they receive.

Regardless of who is to blame provide them, customers, the best e-commerce SEO service, they will never forget. Good customer service can retain users who are infuriated and claim to never order from you again. Poor customer service does the opposite.

8) Work on the User Interface and Experience

You might not realize but the User interface and experience play a crucial role in the amount of time a user spends on your website. A well-designed User interface is pleasing to the eye and an optimized landing page can be the factor that makes your visitor stay.

However, just a good-looking website will not do the trick. User Experience is what matters. If the user cannot navigate through your website with ease they are likely to leave, reducing your conversion rate.

9) Optimize shopping cart functionality eCommerce business

An important feature of the e-commerce store is the shopping cart. The number of clicks it takes to check out from your store impacts how users react. The lesser the steps to a successful checkout the more likely users are to stay and return to shop again and again.

Another aspect to focus on are the unfinished orders or abandoned shopping carts. Remind users to checkout if they have stuff in their shopping cart. You may even offer them some incentive to do so. Such tips and tricks can help increase sales and performance.


These were some strategies you can use to improve your eCommerce business. Make sure to pay heed to each so that you have a foolproof strategy for a successful e-commerce Shopify store.

However, these are not strict guidelines that are guaranteed to work. Each business requires a different tailor-made strategy for it to thrive. Use these as basic guidelines for your optimized strategy.

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