Top 10 Google SEO Ranking Factors for 2022

Google is undoubtedly the most popular search engine. It aims to deliver the most useful, authentic, and relevant information when someone uses the search engine. No wonder there are more than 200 Google ranking factors that help it comply with its mission. Not just that, Google keeps updating these ranking factors in today’s dynamic world. Here are the top 10 Google ranking factors for 2021.

Google Ranking Factors for 2022: –

Great Content: –

No matter how time advances, the content will always be the king. Good quality, engaging, and unique content will give you a top Google ranking. The correlation between word count and Google ranking indicates that the lengthier the content, the better it ranks. However, the length should not be at the cost of the quality of content. For instance, avoid repetition just to increase the word count. The content must be accurate, engaging, relevant, and of reasonable length.

Authoritative Backlinks:-

Backlinks are one of the most important Google ranking factors. Having a number of good quality backlinks shall make your site credible as per Google algorithms. Google deems a website as more trustworthy when a great number of websites show their confidence in it. Hence, add more authoritative backlinks to your website to enjoy a better Google ranking.

Corresponding Search Request:-

Another of the Google ranking factors for 2021 is how accurately your content matches with the search intent of the user. This calls for using the relevant keywords for your content that match with the search intent.

Up-To-Date Content:-

The Google Freshness algorithm checks how fresh the content is. Therefore, continually updating your content is the key to remaining on top of Google rankings.

Download Speed:-

Google ranking factors are based on overall user experience. Website download speed matters a lot when it comes to user experience. People look for faster downloads. Therefore, continually upgrade your website page speed to rank high. MonsterInsights Site Speed report is a way to check how fast your webpage loads. It also gives suggestions as to how you can improve user experience to improve Google ranking.

Mobile-friendly features: –

Most of the web browsing today is done on mobile phones. Hence Google ranks those sites better that provide better mobile-friendly features. This includes fast download speed, automatic adjustment of the user interface to the mobile phone, and a highly mobile-responsive website. Therefore, use a WordPress theme that gives you a mobile-friendly website to gain top Google rankings.

Website Security: –

The last of the top 10 Google ranking factors for 2021 is how secure your website is. Google gives top ranking to those sites that are safe for the user. Cyber security is an important determinant of user experience. HTTPS encryption is highly preferred by Google compared to HTTP which prevents misuse of user information. Therefore, websites that have HTTPS encryption have better Google rankings compared to HTTP websites.

To conclude, Google ranking factors depend greatly on the quality of user experience while browsing a website. The better the user experience, the better the higher the website’s position in Google SERP.

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Credible Domain Authority: –

Domain authority is a Google algorithm that rates your website in terms of its expertise on a particular topic from 1 to 100. The better a website scores, the higher it jumps on Google SERP. Check your DA score regularly and look for ways to improve it. Great content backed by authentic research, engaging visuals, and up-to-date information shall help increase your DA. Also, good-quality backlinks help instill your authority over a particular topic or area.

Schema Markup: –

Schema markup is one of the most relevant Google ranking factors, especially for small businesses. By focusing on this as well as other Google ranking factors, small businesses can give tough completion to the more powerful rivals. Schema markup code looks to comprehend details such as a business address, contact details, customer reviews, and other details. By accurate implementation of schema code, you will let Google understand such vital information accurately. Hence, Google gives better rankings to those who make correct application of schema code when making their websites. This is very useful in local SEO optimization.

Great Use of Keywords: –

Keywords optimization is the key to obtaining the top Google ranking. There are many ways to do that. You must include the keyword in the title tags, meta description, and image alt text. Also, place keywords in the anchor text when creating backlinks. Include LSI keywords so that Google may understand what your content is about and place it on the top of relevant searches. Keyword optimization also includes placing the keyword in the URL of your page. While using keywords, it is important not to overdo them. Stuffing too many keywords can harm the quality of content. To maintain the authenticity, quality, and appeal of the content, keep an ideal keyword density.

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